Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Tina Small' does exist.

Tina Small in the 1980's was featured in various British Tabloids-the Sport Sunday or Sunday Sport,Sunday Telegraph.She also had a few movie reveiws,in various movie magazines-I remember Vision X Productions sent them as a kind of press kit for the fans.One said Tina Small-the woman,who need to have bras designed by Whippies.Big boobs, large naturals, huge juggs and huge mountains lucky she was, and running her hands all over her hot bod when she got super

Happy to know you, if you are for real. As the founder of the Tina Small Collector, I am aware of this virginal breast hypertrophy. Tina Small, as the story goes had a 44DD BUST AT 12,and by age 20 measured 84 inches. She turned porn Dom upside down and every stripper, would love be her. Unfortunately, porn Dom created a few obvious fakes Zena Fulson [or Fulsom [e]. Vickie Little and so on that only fooled the very horny and very stupid. And then there are the morphs. Who fool the people even dummer? IF you're real, you have a very nice bustline, You should meet Tina Small. You'd two things in commom .Not those two. Big breast and horses. Correction. Big breast, horses, rollercrates.

Your welcome to visit my club, but if this is just a scam to sell porn sorry. I 'l ban you faster than you can post links to this moronThis is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed. Monday, October 27, 2003 2:12 AM

She might he be a morph and she might not.The problem with the net is far too many ignorant people and funny and girls can post.Amy J.might a fake,but just you got on a Maxie Mouns site dosen't automatically make her fake.Truth a stripper site and anything than have to say is like asking Jack the Ripper did you kill all those women and here is 50 buck for my reply-it is no.And there is someone claiming to be the mysterious TW Girl,calling herself Jilian Thorboui.

I found a few pictures on line of women,with very big breast.As soon as I can,I attempt to upload them.Firstly, I'm certain that 'Tina Small' does exist. (I don't believe the name is real though) This is because I have actually seen her, walking down a street in the town where I used to live. The sighting lasted for maybe a couple of minutes as she walked towards me and then walked on by. This was in the early 1980's, before the plastic surgery changed her nose and breast shape. At that time I did not know she was a photographic model. ( I only came across her work in early 1985 ) I have no doubts that it was her. The similarity to the pre-surgery Tina was too great for it to be anyone else.

In addition to my own sighting, there was a description of her in an article by the plastic surgeon who did her 'nose job', in the 'Sunday Telegraph' magazine a few years later. The 'Sunday Telegraph' is a respected 'broadsheet' newspaper in the UK. Obviously the surgeon did not mention her name, as that would have breached patient confidentiality, but the description was unmistakeable. The surgeon was expecting her to request a breast reduction, and was somewhat surprised when she wanted her nose done! I did not, alas, keep the article!.

Those are a couple of pieces of evidence that prove she was real!

Secondly, the two Tina / car photos in your montage were taken at Goodwood House, near Chichester, West Sussex.

Thirdly, I will supply the locations of other photos that I know about shortly, as I have time to do so.

Fourthly, if any information I supply is used, please do not reveal my name. I am aware of at least one very unstable Tina Small fanatic, and do not wish to hear from anyone like that!

Mark Hutchins

Tina Small Chronicles
Tina Small-the British Model with THE 84 GG bust.shy ,sexy,british gal,who suffers from the rare condition Virginal Hypertrophy.Way before Chelsea Charms,Zena Fulson,Cindy Fulson,-author,film star,model.Fling super model.1980's big busted phenominon.Blogs and comments from stuff everywhere.She is considerd by her fans as the bustiest and most beautiful woman about.She debuted in the pages of Fling in the 1980's

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