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Is it true that women would rather have a man with a large penis and why/

Is it true that women would rather have a man with a large penis and why?
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There are, first of all, two factors: various types of women, various sizes of penis. The definition of "large" should also be addressed. Do we mean long? Thick? In all instances, I think we can assume that there are various sizes of vagina as well, so then some penises which are smaller will satisfy some tighter or less deep vaginas. Perhaps some penises are too big for some vaginas. This will likely not be pleasant for the woman. Certainly a penis too small will not stimulate properly. In those instances, sometimes technique will make up for girth. As the old song says, "it ain't the meat, it's the motion." On the cultural level, it might be assumed that there is some peer pressure among women to compare the size of their men. It may be of some importance that a woman can brag truthfully about her man's penis. Thus, the size of a penis may have TWO jobs: to satisfy the woman, and to satisfy her friends' curiosity! Let us say that you, the author of this question, are a male with a large penis. If so, then you should know that there will be plenty of women interested in you. If you have a smaller penis, don't worry here either. There are plenty of women who will love you for more than your spare parts. If you're a female asking this question, don't feel pressured to find such a man to make your friends envious. Find someone you really like. If that person has a large penis, and you like that, great!

Id rather have a man with a kind heart, good logical reasoning and a brain in his head than have a large penis. I dont really think that it matters too much as you cant have a good talk with a penis, cant go to movies and have a meal with a penis, you cant truly LOVE a penis, you love the man, not his goodies.

I've had a few different sizes in my time, and I have to tell you, while "Mighty King Dong of Dongs" may seem fine. I've had so much more sexual pleasure with someone who wasn't exactly the biggest--not the smallest but a happy medium, but he sure knows how to use it and it's nice to know that all positions work with him. It's much more comfortable to me. I've never been more satisfied and wanted sex with anyone else as much as with him, but it's not just his penis, it's him all together, the whole thing. One day inparticular we had sex in the afternoon, stopped a little here and there, and ended having sex about 5am the next morning. It was so great. We have sex many times, for hours, off and on, in the evenings or whenever.
Because he's not the biggest and he feels really comfortable, we have sex all of the time--I don't dread it or ever or feel it's a chore, FOR HOURS, all through the night, quickies, morning, "Pull over" on the road side on a quiet street for a few minutes, so many different ways and it's great. I think at first he may have been concerned about that first, when it came to that time. However, he rings my bells.
Guys, it's not the size of the penis that counts, I promise you, it's how you use it, the type of lover you are, and how you make the woman feel about herself when she is with you.

Spoken like a guy with a small one.

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