Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penis Enlargement - How Big is Big?

Penis Enlargement - How Big is Big?
By Gitenjit Suhendi

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The importance of penis size is something most men have considered. Men who feel that they do not measure up fret about it much more than many women realize. Their minds are plagued with anxious imaginings in which the women they sleep with laugh about it with their girlfriends the day after. On the other hand, those men with eight inches or more are inclined to feel smug. They are sure their conquests compare it to a large cucumber when they chat with the girls over coffee. However, is the size of a man's member that significant?

In truth, some women would prefer to see a big, fat one the fist time their new lover gets naked in front of them, just as a good number of men like to look at a large pair of breasts. It is pleasing to the eye and the prospect of enjoying a big penis can be quite a turn on. This is why there is a huge market for twelve-inch vibrators with a massive girth.

The preference for a big penis might be instinctive, part of the process of natural selection.

Some people believe that a bigger penis triggers a woman to perceive the man who owns it as more fertile. This of course increases the probability of her wanting to have sex with him.

Size seems to matter to men and women alike. You only have to observe peoples' spending habits find evidence of this. Those who can afford it like to choose the largest, most comfortable sofa, the king-sized bed, the five bedroom house, the massive flat-screen TV, or the spacious car with the most storage capacity. We live in a society that comprehends bigger as being better. Therefore, it makes sense that women will also prefer larger penises. But do the statistics support this theory?

A survey conducted on eight hundred women over the age of eighteen showed that only seven percent of women would be content with a penis of below average size (about five inches). However, eighty-two percent of women expect a penis that satisfies them (about six inches in length and five inches in circumference). A remarkable eleven percent of women claimed that only a penis of above average size or larger would please them.

The statistics indicate that size is important to most women, but it is at least twice as momentous to men. Humans have used the phallus throughout history as a symbol of power and strength. Perhaps this is because men are somewhat obsessed with their penises. If they feel that it doesn't measure up then they are bound to feel deeply insecure.

In fact, a man could be handsome, physically fit, successful, wealthy and charming- but if he feels that his member does not measure up to all of his other merits, then he is not going to have as much self-confidence as an ugly failure with a mammoth twelve inches.

Indeed a man with a below average sized penis is always going to feel anxious about it.
It doesn't matter how refined his sexual technique is, or how often his lover tells him it's not important.

However, before you rashly decide on getting a penile implant tomorrow, you might like to give the matter further consideration. If a woman loves you then she will accept your imperfections and take you as you are. Many women like to see highly defined abdominal muscles on a man, or tight buttocks. However, there aren't too many women walking around with a man whose physique resembles that of a trained athlete. Conversely, how often have you seen a good-looking woman hand in hand with a person who has a slight paunch? I've seen it more times than I can count. It stands to reason that the same rule applies to penis size. If it were as significant as most men think, there would be many lonely people in the world.

Furthermore, the majority of nerve endings in the vagina that provide pleasure during sex lie close to the entrance. In other words, unless your member is the size of a caterpillar you should be able to satisfy your partner in bed. Of course, it helps if you have the correct technique.

It sounds rather clich├ęd but there really is some truth to that old adage "It's not the size that is important, but what you do with it." Some men make the mistake of believing that because they have a big penis they are automatically going to be able to satisfy their partner. Such men are very much mistaken. A man can have a penis as long as a small child's arm, but if his method is wrong, he will never bring a woman to climax.

However, a man with a humble four inches can bring hours of pleasure to a woman. All he needs to know is how to stimulate her clitoris or G-spot, since even a very small penis can be cumbersome to a woman who is not properly aroused. The correct technique is something you can only learn from experience. Stand up comedian/actor Eddie Murphy said it best during his Raw performance, "If you can make a woman go wooooooooo then you must be doing something right."

Indeed, many things are much more significant to a woman than the size of a man's penis. Most women are more interested in factors such as how well her partner treats her and the strength of the emotional connection than they are in the size of his package. When it comes to men intelligence, charm, good looks and even wealth are higher on a woman's list of priorities than a big penis, despite what men might think.

So there you have it, the size of your member is not important. Then again, maybe it is. Like most things, the relevance of a man's penis size is a matter of opinion. In the end, it is really only as significant as you perceive it to be.

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