Monday, November 23, 2009

Rihanna Likes Her Men Well Hung

Rihanna Likes Her Men Well Hung

November 20, 2009 · Print This Article

Rihanna, singer of the hit song “Unfaithful”, wants to find a new man in her life. The singer says men, who are not “well endowed”, should just forget it as she needs a “big” man. Rihanna recently had an interview with the German magazine, Bravo, where she stated her requirements for a man when she said, “He has to be good in bed and the size matters. You know what I mean? The inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn’t make it fun. Right now I don’t want to have a serious relationship, I want to have fun.” Rihanna seems to like “big” toys in the bedroom. Rihanna was also asked if there were any men she was interested in and she mentioned the actor Jesse Williams, star of the TV show “Greys Anatomy”, who was in her “Russian Roulette” video. Rihanna said, “Jesse, who’s in my music video for ‘Russian Roulette’, is soooo hot!” Maybe Jesse has a big toy for Rihanna to play with.
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