Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stefani Stackwell

ntroducing the awesomely ample Stefani Stackwell! This exceedingly busty blonde has the biggest hooters yet! Check out her fat nipples! A new photo gallery has been opened for this beach-ball-boobed babe. She really knows how to show off her assets! We'll be seeing a lot more of this goddess.

Mastasia Video Montage
Stefani Stackwell-her real birth name,I'm sure-come from rich Stackwell Family of Porthmith,Road Island.

Hobbies;Likes her big freakish huge boobs
Goals;To be able to walk through the front door someday and into the front yard.
Favorite Movie;The Girl from Planet X.
Favorite Celebrity;Tina Small.
Ideal Men;a good looking guy with 27 inch weener.

Here's a link to a free video featuring most of the Mastasia girls, including the ludicrously luscious Stefani Stackwell, featured at left.

I think the Mastasia production team - especially including the actresses - do a great job of making insanely huge prosthetic titties look realistic. And in addition to flopping around, these physically-impossible funbags can often be seen squirting milk and doing other titillating things. It's like a cartoon with real girls! You'll forget they're foam!have no idea, i know her boobs are seriously fake but so are half the girls found on this site. her and those fake boobs are really hot. (o)(o)That is way too much fake, it's funny in some parts, I do love big boobs, but not that fake and big.

Anyway, click the photo to see Stefani Stackwell's sample gallery, and click the free video link to see the free video. Giant free.

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