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Morphing in the 23th Dimension

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Morphing in the 23th Dimension

A giantess and more story

Episode I. - our first night in a new world -

My wife Ida and I had been looking for new jobs, and new lives
for 2 years now. I finally got a job not a great one, and we both did
consulting work on the side, I am a physicist, and she is an applied
mathematician and we're too over qualified. So I get a call from the
office. "Jack" she says in her Russian accent, "I found a way to get our
old house back. But I have to explain to you how I did it." "What" I said,
"we just got over our legal and financial problems from the old business.
We can't afford a new house". "Jack you will just have to see the results
of my new work ... on the quantum portal" O.K. I said, not because I am
that gullible, it is just that when my wife says something crazy, it is
actually the truth.

So I get home and go to the research center, our garage. But now I
can see something in the portal, and a note nearby. "When the green LED
lights up, sit within 2 meters of the portal, on the metal surface." The
note also read "The old house is a duplicate, but bigger and better than
ever, and your wife can be just unreal, love, see you soon."

The light comes on and I sit down by the portal. Then a light
flashes .......

I get in a beautiful forest. Then a see a note on a 3 meter long
cardboard poster with instructions how to walk in our new house in the
23th dimension. The walk turned out just like I read, a two hour hike,
wonderfully pleasant, but through the front yard? The note said she would
fill the role of my favorite fantasies, and I would have not have to rely
on E.L. but I would be in for the surprise of my life.

The trail lead to a cave, and a tunnel but not very long. When I
got through I saw the house. It was big, no it was immense in size, and it
was the old house, one hundred times its normal size. The four steps
leading up were at least 15 meters high (60 ft). Then I remembered the
note. Don't be afraid this is the 23 dimension, and your fantasies are
real but you won't get hurt. Also I saw the earth ramp at a distance.

On the top of the ramp I saw another note. "A clue, I made the
ramp with my own two hands, I sure don't need a machine"

I approach the door, it is over 200 meters tall and it is closed.
There is a small opening near the door about the size of the doors I am
used to seeing. It looks like another portal with a small light and it is

I hear an amplified voice in the distance my wife. "Jack you have
arrived, I know it was a long walk so here is a place you can freshen up a
bit, and eat. It will be a good warm-up so you can appreciate the new me."

I am transformed into an Italian solder, and we are on leave.
Something to eat, women to meet. I have money in my pocket. This reminds
me of a scene in Citta di Donna one of my favorite Fedrico Felleni movies,
except I am living and editing the Felleni magic in my head. I see a very
young tall beautiful girl, a head taller than me. "Where is a good place
for to eat ... ?" "Follow me", and she leads me to an old hotel in a
narrow alley. We go upstairs to a small patio as the sunsets. "After you
eat ask my mama Angela for a room. The food was great and not too
expensive, one of the joys of Italy. The young girl comes back after I ate
the dinner, I was famished. I said "You are a very nice and beautiful
young girl. Thanks for helping a solder in this terrible time for Italy.
Please get your mama Angela so I can have a place to stay tonight?" "You
are kind man, Jacobi", seeing the name on my uniform. "I see you like me
because I am tall, no? We are a big family of women here, now I get my
mama I think you will like her very much." Through the big door way, in
walks a very beautiful women in her thirties Angela. She is over a head
taller than her daughter, and my eyes widen in excitement. "Hello Jacobi,
my daughter says you are a nice man." We talk for a while but since I am a
male I cannot help but to stare at her size, 1 and 1/2 meters taller than
me (20 inches). She is so shapely, huge thighs, enormous rear end. And
her breasts, in a low cut dress in a massive bra, extend down past her
waist. Her cleavage is a meter wide.

We walk to an empty office. She pushes her bosom through the tall
door that just clears her head. When she climbs the steps she holds her
giant breasts in their bra so they don't heave out. She turns in the room
brushing me aside with her enormous top. She pulls the guest book and pen
out of her huge bosom. She sits in a big sofa. My name and I.D. number
home town Verona is written in the book as it rests on her enormous
breasts. Then she takes my money for the room. "I am busy with a customer,
but if you want my sister will meet you in my room." She puts the book and
some more money from me in her gigantic cleavage. I didn't even ask for a
lower price. Don't worry cute solder boy we will give you a nice night.
She takes me to a small pleasant room with a small bath and gives me the
keys. Her daughter had lit up the heat for some hot water. As she leaves
she says I will see you soon, and she reminded my of Ida my wife. I
thought I was seeing things but her impossibly big breasts seemed to
swell, and I saw the huge nipples under her bra pop up. "We meet again
soon, no?

I'm in the bath and just as I am getting out, her sister walks in,
ducking her head the big old fashioned door. "Oh you are still in the bath
do I have to go? " "No" I stare, She is taller than her sister, her
breasts are huge but not impossibly so. She still had breasts wider than
her torso down to her waist. Her legs are huge and take up over half her
body in height. Her thighs are enormous and bare since a regular skirt is
a mini-skirt on her. There is something about her that is very familiar
and like her other towering sisters I have the feeling of their
confidence, ability, and strength, but they are sweet and playful like my
wife. She has stylish high heels on her enormous feet, and she drops a
little wine. I to clean off the red wine since it can stain her white
shoes quickly. I look up at her backside. It is magnificent huge, jutting
out where it could protect a small man from the rain. I get up, and her
thighs come up to my chest, as wide as my young slim torso, with firm
flesh. Her pelvis is impossibly wide, and her torso is up on a waist like
a pyramid like a Goddess.

"You love us very much Jacobi! Some think we are grotesque but you
dream of women like us and we want men like you to admire us, to give us
your attention. I only have a little time for you now, but we will give
you love and you will experience the most unbelievable in your new home.
In the 23th dimension we can change the shape of our bodies, and yours,
and we need a special kind of man would finds delight in us to make it
feel wonderful." As we stand it seems that her legs swell and get longer,
her crotch has risen a little higher. "We have a few minutes now, lets go
to my room for some wine." She exits the room with difficulty, and I
follow her to a hall with a high ceiling, which opens up to a big area,
like a banquet hall in a places without the table. "I am transfixed by the
sway and jiggle of the enormous backside, now it is over my head. Her
upper torso stays the same size as when I first saw her. I am practically
running to keep up with the giant legs, her enormous shoes which are
expanding pound the floor in a loud sound.

"You see Jacobi, sometimes a little red wine makes my legs swell
up" She drinks another glass and laughs "and I feel invincible when they
get really big. Do a favor and get on the chair, and help me take off the
girdle, it does not expand so well". I get on the chair and I can barely
reach the clips. I pull off the panties which are very tight. "Yes Jacobi
a little tease, her legs grow so I can't reach her shirt which can't cover
her pussy and now gigantic behind. I hug her thigh which expands, now I
can't reach around it. She laughs her torso atop a pyramid waist to giant
legs over 3 meters long (9.5 feet)."You can't believe but you like it,
they can get so big I can shallow a man whole in my cunt. She walks around
me and the floor shakes with the pounding of giant feet "Its my
specialty, and you remember Andrea, she can grow her breasts so they fill
up this big room, and that's just the start." What if we invade your old
world, I would like to go to that crystal cathedral and give them a

"Now follow me!" she walks slowly so I can follow her, staring at
the 4 meter legs ( 13 feet long ) and she disappears in a wall just when I
though my crotch would blow up.

Now I am sitting a chair and I see Ida, with a body like Andrea.
She only has a white sheet on and they are silk like parachutes. The room
is dark and she looks close and very tall. "oh Jack don't you like our new
home" "I can't complain! How did you do it? "Jack I will tell you
everything ... tomorrow." Her voice drops in pitch and goes up in volume
like a ship's horn. "Jack I am very big and I adore you" She steps
forward. She is immense and my heart races with excitement. A leg moves
out a foot falls like an explosion, Giant breasts reaching down past her
pelvis, heave and jiggle. She is 200 meters high (660 feet) and she can't
reach her nipples. Firm enormous thighs tremble. Step by titanic step. Now
her enormous body towers over me, I see great nipples over 7 meters (22
feet long). I can't see the top of her BIG toe. Now come to bed with a
titanic wife, and I am deafened by her laugh. "Don't worry I practiced
this move." She crotches down over me" I see a moist cunt with
overpowering aroma, she could stuff Donald Trumps's yacht in there. She
squats over me with her knees on the ground, and her gigantic breasts rest
on the ground over her beautiful stupendous thighs.

A titanic hand picks me up with fingers like a huge tree trunks.
She puts me just inside her pussy lips, inside her forest of a bush. "Hang
on," My wife the colossus walks to a giant bed. "not quite yet your turn
to change. I now grow until I am twice the size of her pussy lips. I feel
my crotch beginning to explode, but instead it grows enormously. It is
half my height, my height, it is twice my height, bigger so it dwarfs me
in size and can satisfy a 200 meter tall lover. Then a deafening laugh.
Her pussy pushes me out. My giant balls rest on the bed, my penis is three
times my height. A giant hand picks me up. "See my little dear you can
always be big enough for me if you try" She admires me, practically only a
penis. "Hey my little dildo, one more until the rocket takes off. She
holds me against a giant breast that billows out over her thighs on the
bed" I can fill the room like Angela. Her breasts grow, grow. They cover
the bed and spill over the sides. "come to me Jack, as she smacks her
giant lips" Now that I am up hill I manage to slide my giant penis and
balls along.

Just before the explosion she reaches and grabs my giant penis in
her giant hand, and puts the giant penis in her mouth. Her lips up me
inside close to the base of my penis. Her giant eyes stare at tiny me with
a giant penis in her enormous mouth. It starts to gush out, like a
firehose. "Immm" a deafening roar from her giant throat. She pulls me out,
holding the end of my giant penis with her finger tips. "all penis and
balls when you are horny" she thunders. Then in I go back in her cunt. It
gushes out in a flood. Then I shrink down to the size of her finger nail
again. "Are you comfortable in there in my pussy flaps dear? My adorable
little man spend our first night her in my pussy it is so romantic for a
titaness like me.

to be continued.......

From Reuv 2nd Morph story A Breast Enlargement story for sure

(In the first morph story Ida my brilliant applied mathematican,
has made a new world for us where she can be anything she wants -
in the 23rd dimension where she can will virtual reality that
we can only dream about now)

My wife and I were approaching some vacation time in our work but
of course no money to really travel. She has always known that I am into
giant breasts as well as giant women. She has always concluded that I
had never really grown up mentally from being a teenager. Then one day
looking in storage, she finds my secret cache of big boob magazine
classics. "I am almost six feet tall with a 44 inch bust, and he still
wants bigger tits" she says to herself. "I wonder if these huge breasted
women are for real, I ought to smother him with giant breasts like theirs".

On the last afternoon I get a message. "It's all ready, come through
the portal and see how I will become irresistible"

I get home and I go to the portal entrance and sit still. The light
turns green... I am sitting in a limousine. We are headed to an auction
in London. She puts a note in my lap and smiles. By the way I am at my
new minimum height 6'9", of course, all women here have the same average
height as men, or more. We get out at Sotherby's on the West end near
the Thames a very nice place. The auction starts with a fashion show.
The girls range from 6'3" to my wife's height. It's just great! The
auction was interesting but went on a long time. Finally at the end, an
ancient fertility goddess statue about one foot tall. She has enormous
breasts down past her waist. The men try not to stare and the women
smile. This statue seems to capture people imagination. The bidding
went high. Then my wife finally wins out after a long bidding round.
The signal is when my wife stands up in high heels over 7 feet tall,
and with a 50 inch bust she is hard to overlook.

We travel through the countryside to a beautiful country house.
When we arrive we see some guests arrive in a limo driven by women. Out
walk out three women. They have enormous breasts and are carrying the
statue. Then Ida says, "you have seen these girls in those big boob
magazines you had before you met me." Now for real Ann Marie, Tina
Small, and Zena Fulsome. I wanted to experience the power they have
over men, and they wanted to share in a world where they could enjoy
themselves without problems. All these 4 huge breasted girls look young
and they were tall averaging 6' tall, a good deal taller than
their regular heights, and their 80 inch plus busts were stunning.

All three of the vastly endowed women were all in good spirits. They
brought in the statue, walking as if unaware of their enormous bouncing
breasts. Zena held the statue which looked so small pressed to up to
the bottom of a seemly watermelon sized breast. She could practically
place it in her cleavage now she was 15% taller and larger than before.
They all came in greeting Ida and kissing her like an old friends. They
are up to something interesting. I say hello to the huge-breasted three
some. The greet me and ask if I am ready for the fantasy I am going to
have with Ida. "I hope so" I said. The girls tell me to sit down and
they walk to me. Zena bends over to hand me the statue, almost putting
her giant bosom in my face in the process. Ann Marie tells me the story
about the auction, while my wife puts her hand, now bigger than mine,
on my shoulder. "Very good let me tell you about the statue we rescued
at the auction. All of us had dreams of this statue when we were very
young so when we all first grew to have our bust size the same or
larger than our height without being fat we knew we were among the
chosen women. But this was only a vague feeling at first, and the
feeling got stronger when we got to know each other. On the very day
the statue was discovered and was finally touched by a woman
archeologist, we all independently dreamed of being goddess queens in
very ancient times. We were born far too late and we never got the lives
we wanted because of our bust size. But we would never give up our huge
breasts. Now we got a whole new getaway world and we are planning to
live up to our destiny." Then Tina spoke, I was that women archeologist,
and you are guests at this house in our family estate. I brought the
statue home and my breasts grew gigantic, after I had some strange
dreams. I thought it was terrible at first, until I realized and my
enormous breasts were caused by the statute. "I caused a near riot in
town when just decided to go looking at the shops. When I saw a few
rowdies I thought I made a big mistake when they started to bother me,
but then I found they nearly melted at my words and went away like
little boys just at my request. Later they asked for my forgiveness like
I was their bloody queen. They behaved like servants in my dream where I
an part of a royal court in ancient Babylonia, where we have breasts
bigger than ourselves, and we are worshipped as goddesses." Now you
little mama's boy your wife is going to be part of this .. through this
statute. See the breasts of the statue have grown. "Yes they are past her
knees" I said struggling to look Tina Small in the eyes and not at the
great expanse of cleavage and flesh. She laughs, and suddenly hugs me.
She really had to stretch to reach around me and her pillow sized bosom.

We all go out to eat at an exclusive restaurant where we have reserved
a small banquet room. My wife has an incredible appetite. Our very big
breasted hosts are treating us. It was true about all those stories
about Tina Small whose breasts always got in the in the way, Tina and
the others had their dinnerware set away from the table edge, far enough
to clear their big balloon tops which rested on the table's edge. My
wife chatted right along with them with no jealousy at all. Ida of course
was well proportioned, and at her new height, 15% above her normally tall
5'10 1/2" was a real turn on, she was so huge all over. Ida had an
endless appetite, and when she said she wanted to try another entree
normally shy Tina spoke right up and said "Certainly love, it is
splendid food for the chest" As the evening wore on Ida and the other
girls breasts seemed to be swelling. Ida's dress top looked tight
and her tits seemed to be swelling out some more. Zena said "I think we
should go back to the mansion and let you see what a proper dinner can
do for your wife".

On the way home Ida asked Zena about clothes. She was the most
energetic of the group, even thought she had the largest breasts,
possessing a colossal 96 inch bust she bounced around constantly. She
added that she was much better off here and she didn't have any back
pain. "I think a girl could be as big as she wants here, naturally".

We got home and after all that food Ida did not want to sleep right
away, she even snacked, quite a lot. She changed to her negligee and
robe. Her 6'9" body seemed so wonderfully big, and the familiar curves
looked huge. Her stomach did not look full, as one would expect. Her
breasts had clearly grown. "See getting fat can be good if you put in
the right places, honey". That night she ate 11 pounds of food and it
all magically went to her chest. Finally we went to sleep, she was on
her back with her swollen breasts spilling off the sides of beautiful
amazon upper body. Then throughout the night she got up to get more
from the fridge. the second time I went with her to she her gulp down
Jack Lalaine's bodybuilding milkshake, there was a second refrigerator
in the kitchen filled with the stuff. I had also noticed she had
exercised before she took her shower. Her body seemed absolutely radiant,
and it turned me on so much. We made love, where due to her greater size,
she took the lead and moved me around since at 6'2" (188cm), I was the
lesser in size. One thing didn't change and that is we started with
her on top. When she sat up and pulled my head up to her chest, she told
me she had 8 pound breasts, "one gallon size - everything starts
with one right?" That night she drank 4 quarts, one gallon, of milkshake.
I got up first to shower. The bathroom was as big as our kitchen back
in 3-D California. As I got out she walked up to me to dry my hair, she
dressed only in her panties. The big breasts jiggled and shook, "Aren't
they lovely Jack, and I can feel they are heavy but I feel so strong
that I don't even notice their weight" She hugged me, pushing my face
into her soft mammary chest. "Now lets go eat and watch me grow!"
She ate and ate and ate, and she got up and walked close to me. She
was only in her panties, and she put her hand on her very full
stomach, telling me to watch. Next she had me hang a tape measure
against her breast. In a few minutes her stomach shrunk down to a
trim, flat size. Her big tits visibly grew, and I practically burst
in my pants in response. "Isn't this handy, all my eating binges
go to my tits, and its full to see them grow. Better than gardening
do you think?"

In the next 2 days she had eaten enough food to make her breasts
weight 22 pounds each. She had to back off the rate of eating to do
her exercises. She was more powerful than even her great statue
suggested, and could now match or outlift any man on the weight machine.
She had firm even swimmers type muscles, which accented her feminine
looks, and all so tall with big full firm breasts that hung down past
her elbows, to past her navel. Her bust were wider than her torso,
you could see some of her breasts when she were in any position.
After the exercises Ida announced. "This afternoon we are going to get
some sun, a sunny day in England. Strawberries and cream in the garden
courtyard." After that Ann, Zena and Tina will be visiting, for a secret
get together and I want you to get out and to go out and look around
town for a while, for two days. I know you will be dying to see me when
I start getting really big!"

So I carried the picnic supplies and watched my 6'9" wife with 22
pound breasts walk uninhibited in her new birthday suit. I was in a trance
watching her walk. Her endlessly long legs taking her great strides, her
wider than life shapely hips and thighs, and big big buttocks moving
hypnotically. And those huge breasts. They jiggled and shook with each
step, yet she seemed unaware of their vast size. She had a Frisbee, she
could almost hide under her tit. We played for about 20 minutes and I
uncontrollable, watched her run and jump with her huge breasts moving
all over the place. I could her them slap against her bodies. She said
"What a nice workout for my tits, they feel so good that they tingle"
As we ate the last of the strawberries, I offered Ida a bowl with the
remaining cream to lick. She put the bowl in her lap and filled it with
a big right tit. She picked up her breast and licked herself clean. She
put her other breast in the bowl to catch the remaining cream. "Here
dear, lick the other one clean, there is plenty more where it comes from"
I see the cream on the end of her tit with a near inch sized erect nipple
After that incredible tease she looks at my crotch and said "That really
excites you, and there is nothing at all usual me." "You men are really
weird adorning big mammary glands, What are you going to do when I am
big breasted?" she said throwing her arms out and causing her chest to
heave out.

It was hard to leave Ida she was so ... so big you know. But I
wanted to look a little at Ida's alter world, and have some anticipation
in me build up. The weather was uncommonly good so I decided to go to the
seashore while it lasted and spend the second day in London. The British
get out to the sun faster than any other peoples. It was exciting seeing
all the women as tall as men, in this alter world. When we hired
(rented in the U.S.) some bicycles for a little touring all the bikes
were about the same size. On the boardwalks and paths many girls were
rollerblading, and a few of them on the roller blades were over 7' tall.
Volleyball was more interesting since there was no real men-women height
difference. At night I went out to her some music, and deciding to spare
my ears from super high volume, just pleasantly loud we found a ragga
band playing in a small club. A woman came into the back, a regular,
and quite popular since she was the bartender. She was a tall women
close to my wife's height. She had enormous breasts, if they were much
bigger she wouldn't be able to reach around her bosom in her bartendering
work. Her enormous top was low cut, revealing her vast mulatto cleavage.
I took a seat at the bar and ordered a pint like everyone else. She drew
us our pints carefully reaching around her huge tits and brought them to
us. She walked slowly with her arms at the side of breasts in a red
dress that stuck way out from her curvy body. Her bust in a colossal bra
bulged down to the top of her waist. I was admiring her but I could
only think how big Ida could be now.

The next day I saw an exhibition at the British museum about
ancient fertility goddesses. I saw a small note about a lecture in a
small hall of the museum grounds. So being a real super hombre nerd,
I went to it. It was interesting and I saw a lot of super huge breasted
goddess statues. Somehow I started talking to the lecturer and we went
out for a pint. Then after a friendly conversation where he seemed to be
holding back a secret, he decided to introduce himself, Herbert Small
Tina's husband. He apologized but I accepted his explanation about that
he could not think of a better way to gauge me accurately. I asked him if
the people who made those figurines simply exaggerated the figures or
had real models. He said they had real models, and in very ancient
times women who looked like them were spread throughout the ancient
world. Then he showed me a plaster cast of such a women caught in a
violent volcanic eruption, long before Pompeii. He had a difficult
time getting the cast since it used a tremendous amount of plaster to
fill the cavity in the volcanic ash, that was occupied by this ancient
woman's body. "I thought it was three people, large people, but I
found it was one woman" I estimate her body weight at 12 stone, like we
still say here or 168lb. But her breast weight was astounding. I estimate
each breast weighted 13 stone, that's 182lb. She doesn't seem to be
an invalid like you would think with a 364lb bosom. She was a goddess
queen, I suppose she had her royal porters" he said with a smile on
his face. I said I wasn't prepared to believe it but the evidence
was fascinating. "Well now that Tina and your wife Ida are friends we
may be having a new career as ... royal dairy porters." he answered.

I took the train to the town near the estate and hired a cab. I was
breathless in anticipation. I rang the door, and heard "Is that you
dear? I coming to the door." I heard her feet thumping a little
heavily to the door. The door opened and Ida stepped into view. She was
dressed in silk, with breasts that had more than doubled in size. My
eyes popped at the sight of heaving 55 pound breasts. "You like my
famous ones" They are at the same weight now as the known record. But
that lady was smaller than me, and I can get to the proportional
equivalent quicker now. Lets see I estimate my body size aside from the
tits is about half of mine", she said and with a smile turned to walk
out of the parlor room to the exercise room near the dining room. I saw
her big strong legs and thighs flex a little to counter the shift in
weight from her 55 pound breasts swinging out to the right with an
audible flop in her loose fitting expansive silk top. Her breasts swayed
with her walk, they reached down to the tops of her thighs. "I want
to show you a new way I can enlarge my tits, after you get change and
get comfortable." After I had changed we went to the tanning room. She
put a big pitcher of cocoa butter for tanning into my hands. First I
covered her glorious huge body, without touching her breasts. Then I
started to apply the butter to her breasts. I noticed the stuff seemed
to disappear into her breast flesh. She told me to get all the other
pitchers of the cocoa butter. After a long while her breasts stopped
absorbing the cocoa butter immediately. She laid down and undid her top
and I picked up and exposed the bottom of her watermelon sized breasts.
When I was through she had picked up another 10 pounds in her tits. "Wow
this feels so great!" she said "I ought to get a tanker of this stuff
and drink it all up in my giant tits, its such a rush!" For a breast
lover it was paradise. She lifted herself up in a mighty flop as her
tits fell to cover her lap. She stood up without any visible problem,
towering over me, and took me by the hand to the shower. She washed
herself except for the breasts, and teased me for my troubles in lifting
her 60 pound oil covered tits so I could wash them. Then we had a late
night dinner, and saw a video, where she drank her Jack Lalaine body-
building milkshake, which was rerouted to her bust. Next morning I got
up from underneath one her tits to make her breakfast. Then she got up
later, more exercises, more food, and another cocoa butter rush session.
That evening in the Jacuzzi, we weight her tits by water displacement,
close to 100 pounds each, with nipples 2 inches long and over an inch
wide. Her aureole were as big as tea saucers. "Aren't they marvelous,
they feel so great, I am one half body weight in breasts now." She has
me get a camera at do a new famous ones photo, without a mask. Her
breasts come half-way down her legs. She sits her big body in the large
chair and she holds her breasts together, covering her entire lap.

That night we watched some TV in the sofa. To move close I had to
lift up a huge tit, and get underneath it. She told me we had two more
days together alone, and them the girls would be back for the surprise
adventure. At night in bed she was so huge breasted that she threw off
the blankets turning over. Then at five her tits were hurting her and
I had to milk her. "oh a little excess, I'll have to stop drinking the
milkshake for a few hours" She yielded a half gallon (2 liters). But it
didn't slow her down. As her breasts grew and grew and grew she learned
to heave and sway her breasts to walk. I got everything for her that
night and from time to time rearrange the blankets to cover her and her
breasts, which covered half the bed. In the morning she wakes me up by
rolling over and covering with a giant breast. "lets see how big I am",
and her 150 pound breasts neared her knees when she incredibly stood
and walked.

Another day with my giant-breasted sweetheart. I rearranged furniture
so when she would sit on the sofa, she could rest her breasts in some
cushioned chairs. I had to move tables to the kitchen where she was
still determined to cook, and get her everything since the size of her
enormous tits prevented her from reaching things easily. Then another
cocoa butter session that afternoon, and I pour endless amounts of it
on her science fiction hungry breasts. At the end of the day 35 more
pounds of food and milkshake, 75 pounds of cocoa butter. I milk her,
from nipples 2 1/2 inches long 1 1/2 inches wide, and she yield more
than a gallon of milk. Her breasts are 200 pound each now, hanging
down to her knees as she stands. "Honey I am mostly breasts, they are
so stupendous" "I think I have caught up to Tina. Tonight Tina and her
husband Herbert will be here, and tomorrow will be the grand finale"
I find her new silk clothes. Her rear grew some as well, her big
globe buttocks stick out six inches in the rear, but she says panties
won't fit and aren't necessary.

That evening a van pulls up. A woman backs out of the van, helped
by a small man. The she slowly turns and walks, with colossal breasts
down past her knees. It is colossal Tina, smiling at the sight of
Ida's equally gigantic bust. She stops at the steps, realizing they get
in the way of her breasts is she goes up. Ida tells me to get the red
carpet, and tells Tina how beautiful her enormous breasts are. As Tina's
giant breasts triumphantly shake their way up the steps, she replies,
"Ida you are a lovely pair of colossal breasts yourself."

After a few hours, Ida and Tina are ready. "Now lets go to the other
part of the house. We go to a hall, which leads to a huge hallway, where
we see a strange silver carpet at the end. "Take off over clothes boys,
we can't reach around ourselves" We leap to the task. "Now lets go to
the side room here." Ida and Tina slowly walk in, with her ponderous
colossal breasts swaying with each step. A heavenly aroma fills the air.
there are four elliptic shaped pools with oil on raised platform, with
a large ramp leading up to the pools. Tina and Ida advance to
the pools as if lead by their giant tits. They groan with delight as
their tits enter the pools. Then slowly but visibly their breasts grow
and start emptying the pools of the magic oil. Ida and Tina look at us
and we take off our clothes. We get under our wives. I feel Ida's heavy
weight and her soft huge rear end, as her pussy swallows up my cock. My
head is under her breasts looking up at her still trim belly. I can she
her tits get bigger and bigger, and hear oil pour in the pool. We were
both down their for two hours. Finally after the last organism. I wiggle
out to see a very happy Herbert just catching his breath. "You rather
fancy them too I see." Then Tina says that's enough we are the breast
queens now. Lets see our new kingdom". Ida says "look at my royal breasts
Jack, its just the beginning." Her breasts could fill a room. They extend
18 feet out, and her bust is over 12 feet wide. Her nipples are the size
of drinking glasses and her aureole are bigger than a dinner plate. Then
Tina's and Ida's breasts surge up off of the empty pools and slide down
the ramp. Their breasts lead the way to the silver carpet.

Then they are in their royal clothes, out of ancient times, or maybe
Star wars. Their breasts are exposed. We see the servants, eunuchs and
older pigmy men, 4 feet tall. They bring food to the giant breasted
queens. After we eat we are given pails. "Milk us so we can provide the
royal milk." I walk around to Ida's enormous nipple, and pull and
squeeze. She moans in delight and gives milk for almost and hour.
120 gallons total. Herbert gets 112 gallons from Tina. We take it to a
room where 12 young girls with breasts down to their waist are fed the
milk. That evening the girls heave their ponderous 18 foot breasts to the
temple, where worshipper fall down to their knees and scream in ecstasy.
as music is played. "This is better than a rock concert" they say. Then
the oil offerings are made. They return with breasts 30 feet long and
12 feet wide each. That night we bath in a giant pool, which overflows
as they get in. It takes over an hour to wash and dry the immense
mammaries tons of breast flesh. Then to bed, Ida on a bed over 100 feet
wide and I climb up to sleep on her vast left breast. Early in the
morning she wakes me by shaking her enormous teat so I fall through
between her tits. I slip through down between her legs, and she sits and
slips my penis inside. When she reaches organism, the movement of her
vast bust makes a incredible noise against the bedding.

Then messengers come, on their knees before Tina's and Ida's great
bare mammaries in the royal chamber. A great army undefeated in battle,
is invading the kingdom. They confer putting on their best performances
as serious queens with 25 ton breasts. Workers come and open up the
royal oil and cream reserves. After we are anointed by twelve female
priests, with breasts down to her knees, we are purified to enter the
chamber. Tina and Ida surge their way in through aircraft sized hanger
doors. There is a 200 foot wide deep pool of oil with cakes of cream
floating on top. Their mighty breasts enter the pool. We climb up on
top of their breasts to direct them in. The process takes two hours.
the already gigantic breasts grow and grow. They push their growing
breasts in as the pools empty, so the pools won't over flow. They
laugh and giggle with delight. "We are going to conquer Conan and
the barbarians with our tits." When both girls breasts had reached
150 feet in length, tits 60 feet wide, they called us down from our
places atop their colossal tits. Herbert and I looked for ladders,
to get up to their nipples. I put a ladder against Ida's nipple like
she said. I saw it became erect. It was four feet long two feet wide,
against a aureole 8 feet wide. I climbed up to the huge nipple and
squeezed it at hard as I could. Then after a minute, a torrent of
milk flowed for a few seconds. Then the other nipple. Then the
immense breasts heaved back in the pool and drank up the remaining oil.
The breast stop growing as they fill the pool, 300 feet long.

"Get on the mighty battle breasts, how dare mere mortals oppose
us the Goddess breasts. The giant breast surge out to the battle field,
conveniently located close by. Tina and Ida's 300 foot breasts shudder
shaking the ground. Then a great blast of milk shoots from 8 foot long
nipples. The charging army is instantly transformed into Woody Allen
clones and their charging elephants are turned into Holstein cows.
"What the hell happened to the movie set we hear on a megaphone.
Is this a joke I've got a schedule to complete dammit!."

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