Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tina Small is still way above 99% of those other bimbos-

First time on any blogs……..good responses but, someone brought up Tina Small (my previously adored # 1_ anyone hear /know where she can be viewed………….go Nellie!!!
I not adore the incomparible Tina Small.but worship her freakishly huge right and left one,her cute little ass,back,legs,nose,long sexy,blond hair,full lips,brain and everything.Her boobs were literally poking straight up like two basketballs on her chest instead of relaxing off to the sides (as you would expect with natural breasts).
I have never seen natural breasts do what hers do.
I once in the 1980′s kept seeing this about Center City,who looked similar to Norma Stitz.I’m talking giant freaking 70 to 84 inchers or so they looked.I’ve other really fat chick with gigantic Tina Small sized hooters,that crush to death under huge weight.I don’t if women have posed or not,but you do once awhile see those giant knockered woman. No bloody idea who “Zanana Keyholes” is. Obviously, they’ve got rights to a bunch of vintage porn – which seems to make up a bulk of their site. Just wish they had some Tina Small and some of the other massive naturals of that era
I think Tina Small’s natural Hypertrophic boobs are wonderful too.Remember back in the ’70s & ’80s, when a majority of the really big boobs you’d see in the porn industry were of the silicone variety? There were exceptions, of course – genuine wonders of nature like Tina Small, for example – but these were a rarity.
Does anyone know where she is these days?
Working a book or going school in the UK.

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