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Tina Small One sexy photo

art Could be art work or some sort of photoshop art. Tina Small One sexy photo 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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*** HOW BIG IS BIG? ***


"I've been considering a new bust measurement to satisfy mammophiles.
All too often we've seen woman with F-cup sized breasts that seem
smaller than those of other women with F-cup sized breasts. This is
because of a different BUST RATIO.

"Using the same set of measurements normally used for bra sizing,
(and neglecting the 'add 5 inches' method) divide the chest
measurement into the bust measurement. This explains how a 32F can
look larger than a 44G. A 32F would have a bust ratio of 1.1875. A
44G would have a bust ratio of only 1.159. To 'look' the same, the
44G would have to grow to a 44I or 44J!"

It's an interesting idea. Sadly, nobody tells us *how* to measure a
bust so big that it doesn't just obligingly sit up there waiting to
be measured.

But to try the system out, let's take an example from the recent
VOLUPTUOUS magazine's Big Bust Challenge between the world-renowned
Danniele Ashe and the incredibly lovely Carrie. Danni is quoted as
32FFF, which would give her an impressive bust ratio of 1.25. Carrie,
a less delicately-boned young lady, is quoted as 36DD, or only 1.139.

Wait a minute! Why, in that case, do Carrie's breasts look at least
20% fuller than Danni's? Surely someone is not having us on? Before
this method can be universally adopted, people are going to have to
use standard, calibrated tape measures.

The Bust Ratio will usually be a number between 1.00 and 2.00. A
woman with a completely flat chest will have a ratio of 1.00. A
typical St Cat's girl needing a 26Z bra will be 2.00. Tina Small, for
example, before she became spherical, would have rated something like

Hi, again. Thank you to all those who wrote with offers of support
after the last Corinne's Column. Support is the right word. There
were even people telling me where to buy bras.

I owe you all an apology. The Editor tells me 'never apologise, never
explain', but I think I may have accidentally led some of you astray.
You remember my first ever letter to R & D, when I gave my
measurements. At least, I gave my measurements as they were at the
time. Needless to say, they're not the same now, that was weeks ago!

Well, I got them wrong, anyway. Not all of them, but I was so busy
doing metric conversions for that European Editor that I got a number
wrong and never noticed. They're just numbers to me, anyway: when you
have to have your bras custom made, the size doesn't matter all that
much! At least, it shows you read my article, because more than one
reader wrote and pointed it out!

So when I said the size of my chest beneath the bust was 36 inches,
what I really meant to say was 32 inches. And for those who are
interested in the 'complete package', that figure of 32 inches is
more or less the same size as my hips!

I only wish my waist was as tiny! Even though I'm always *trying* to
diet, it keeps getting bigger. It's crept back up to 24 inches again.
And for the BE fans amongst you, even the diet isn't enough to stop
*these things* growing.

So what does a girl wear when she measures 75-24-32?

It presents a number of interesting problems, and there are very few
interesting solutions.

First rule of thumb ... never try and wear a one-piece *anything*.
Anything that you *could* find to make it over your chest is going to
completely swallow the rest of you. So dresses become virtually
impossible to wear. I had to spend over $300 dollars to get my prom
dress in high school - that was when I was way smaller than I am now
- and it wasn't even a very fancy dress.

Swimwear? A dream long since gone by. One-pieces would never fit -
nor do they make them big enough. And two-pieces? First of all,
bikinis reinforce the floozy image, and secondly, they provide very
little support.

And virtually *no-one* custom makes swimsuits. I've looked. My
current trick for beach-going is to find the bikini with the largest
cups I can - usually only a DD - and add extra length to the cords.

Which means I'm spilling out all over the place, but I put a men's
extra-extra-large T-shirt on over that, so I'm not *totally*
embarrassed. Just mostly.

So everything has to be two-piece. Finding things for the lower half
is no problem, but the top often has to be found at places that
specialize in things for women of 'large size' - which most often
means added pounds all over, not in one place like my problem - or
else maternity stores. And maternity fashions are pathetic ... don't
let anyone tell you otherwise.

The only other option is to have things custom made. And when you're
*still* growing, that's not a real option either. Bras cost me about
$75, and a nice blouse is *easily* over $100. One of these days I'll
learn to sew, and maybe cut my costs. But things fit well for only
about three or four weeks, and fit poorly for possibly another two
months, depending on how fast my growth rate is. So it's mostly off
the rack for me, and even that's hard to find.

And a footnote: looking at that article a bit earlier about the Bust
Ratio, somebody asked if anyone knew of a genuine 1.25? How about a
genuine 2.05, anyone? And counting!

[R & D writes: the opinions expressed by Corinne Meadowlark in this
interview are not necessarily entirely her own. She really does
exist, though, and she will do her best to answer questions. Send
them to R & D Hindquarters.]
Another, from S, who cheats a little with his first choice:

Yes, they ALL tie for first here... Reason? They all have the largest
breasts in the world!! I have no limit to the size I like!! I know
there's a LOT of debate as to whether or not they are real, but I
don't really care. As long as they give the illusion - and oh, what
an illusion it is!! - I like them!! If anyone knows someone bigger,
let me know, and I can move this 'FAB-4' down a notch...
[For some reason, he didn't include Maria Biggs, Mandy Mountjoy and
Cindy Fulsom, from the same stable] wrote:

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Tina Small

Tina is a bit of a legend. She arrived on the scene in the early eighties, did a little modelling, then vanished for ever leaving behind the major controversy - was she real? So there is only a very limited amount of Tina material, and Tina fans treasure every little bit of it.

Here we present some material from the out-takes of a video, which means you might be seeing this for the first time.

Some of this material is poor quality, some is very poor. Tina fans told me; put it all up, we want to see it. So, rather than cut out those parts that I felt were substandard, I'm leaving them in.
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